Sunday, January 25, 2009

Numero Once

Once upon a time, I ran a half-marathon. A good friend accompanied me to the race and, while I ran, stayed at the finish line and looked after my sweatpants. Such service is noble as it is rare.

He also compiled an Oscar-nominated film clip of the event, but unfortunately it ran against Forrest Gump and lost.

This year, I had a different entourage. My new friend, Doug, who shouldn’t be confused with my old marathon-running friend, Doug, didn’t quite make it to the start line. However, he made it to Mile 5, where he took much-appreciated still shots of the race.

Please allow me to walk you through some of the noteworthy aspects of these photos...

In this first picture, I have just spotted Doug and promptly remembered to untie the sweatshirt wrapped around my waist, so that I could throw it to Doug and be rid of it.

Spotting DougIf you look carefully at this second picture, you can see the gray sweatshirt in my hands, just moments before I zing it over to Doug.

Preparing to Throw SweatshirtAnd finally, this picture sort of captures my arm in mid-throw. You may just have to trust me on this one.

Sweatshirt Mid-ThrowRoller-StrollerIn almost every race I’ve ever run, I’ve been passed by someone pushing a stroller. This race was no exception. Doug captured this one on film. A review of the digital image numbers reveals that, sadly, she had already passed me by Mile 5. However, the picture won’t show you that she’s also wearing roller blades. (Okay, I also got passed by another stroller-pusher later in the race, and this person wasn’t wearing roller blades.)

Forrest GumpHowever, the digital image numbers also reveal that I outran Forrest Gump!


Lauren said...

What about Blondie, the Show-Stealer? She's totally trying to cramp your style.

ST said...

hey, i think i know that blonde, how funny