Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tree-Hugging Squirrels and a Blue Jay

When I last visited, deer roamed through the backyard. This time, I saw an oriole (not pictured, unfortunately), a tree-hugging squirrel and its playful young cousins. I also saw a blue jay. Riveting, isn’t it?

THS-01THS-02THS-03Blue JayThree Squirrels 1Three Squirrels 2


DRH's Dad said...

As my dad would say, "Well I'll be jiggered!" (I'm not sure exactly what that means.)

drh said...

In British English, it’s a mild form of swearing, generally used to express frustration, exhaustion or confusion. I searched online to find that out. He was also using the word “bugger” a lot. That’s, er...a bit stronger language among those who are still under the British crown.

Live In Contrast said...

I'm pretty sure the critters in the last couple of photos are actually beavers, judging by the amount of wood they cut down.