Sunday, June 03, 2012

Five Full

On a mostly overcast day in San Diego, I completed my fifth full marathon. It was easily my slowest 26.2-mile effort, requiring me over five hours to reach the finish line. I accomplished my primary goal of completing the race. It remains unclear whether a certain earlier post-run snack helped or hindered my effort. Regardless, if ever I aim for marathons in all fifty states, that’s three down, forty-seven to go. At my current pace it would take over ten full days of racing alone to complete that goal!

San Diego Finish Line

Meanwhile, in another time zone, another friend set a personal best in a full marathon, just four weeks after setting a personal best in a half marathon we ran together. Congrats, Ben!


And then, because I received a free ticket to SeaWorld® from the race, and the race ended in the SeaWorld® parking lot, I visited Shamu.

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